A Storm to Remember

A haphazard, finger-in-bottom-right-corner snapshot of the plaza the night of the Third Largest Storm in Chicago history. This is the thick of it, and man, it was thick.

Snow swirled from every direction, howling and chilling. The 4-6inches per hour snowfall blanketed the city and white and everything. shut. down. Streets emptied, shops closed, Chicagoans stayed indoors while the white fluff piled high.

Two days after, I went to explore my new home city. Here is what I found.

Workers plowed the streets and sidewalks, leaving mounds of snow. Street corners, where the snow amassed highest, stood covered in piles, some taller than me. Fellow pedestrians created foot holes so I followed their footsteps. This is a city of people who overcome.

I’d say the city and I have bonded in a special way.

Hello, Chicago.
I’m glad we both survived.


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