Week Five: Pancakes, Pancakes, Pancakes and Love

Girls in college love pancakes. The cheap, delectable combination of home-y comfort, gooey chocolate (or peanut butter or syrup or butter), domestic tradition, and childhood memories make them a perfect go-to snack for any and all occasions.

Friday night? Pancakes.
Need to celebrate good news? Pancakes.
Missing home? Pancakes.

This week we celebrated Valentine’s Day with heart-shaped, strawberry and whip-cream topped pancakes. We also shared cute cards and had an underwear exchange. Fun!

As a happily single young woman, I find Valentine’s Day a sweet holiday to celebrate the love cultivated whatever season you find yourself in, watch classic movies like Little Women, and eat chocolate without restraint.

Send a card to your grandma, write a note to your roommate. Decorate with red and pink, or take yourself out on a date. Call your best friend, or buy tickets to visit the ones you haven’t seen in a while. Kiss your husband or make heart-shaped pancakes with your children. Sit in silence with your Savior, the greatest love of all, thankful that His love is faithful and unchanging. Celebrate the love in your life, wherever you find it, with something sweet or delectable or charming.

Vow to cultivate love now and in the season to come. Amidst the ugliness, tragedy, and brokenness, may you enjoy the comfort and rest you find with the ones you love, remembering Christ who first loved us, though we were far from him.


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7 Responses to Week Five: Pancakes, Pancakes, Pancakes and Love

  1. Emily says:

    commenting finally… haha. I love this. I love you. I love Valentines day. Remember when we made Valentines together last year? Man, I miss you Ky. A ton. You are entirely lovely.

  2. kylielove says:

    Em! thanks for the comment! i remember that day… the best part, by far, was seeing your face! miss you too, sweets.

  3. Joanna says:

    Hey my love… thanks for the reminder. Valentines day was gettin me down, but then I did just what you said… got together with some other ladies and had a delightful party, full of chocolate, dance moves and level’s of undressed-ness that are only proper when men are absent… and it brought such comfort. People can say that “single-ladies” parties on Valentines are places of bitterness, but I found such freedom in the midst of so many beautiful and content young single women. Men are not the enemy, but neither is being single :)
    Love you dearest. so much

  4. lordhereami says:

    Love this. So dang true. Let’s hang out soon?????

  5. Kelly J. R. says:

    We have pancakes every Saturday morning. Total comfort food is right! For Valentine’s Day we had banana splits – also very comforting. HA!

  6. kylielove says:

    Joanna – So glad you had a fun time with the girls. Sounds like a blast!
    Melissa – Yes! Today is wednesday, which is also fun-day, right?
    Kelly – When I lived was younger, my family would make pancakes Saturday morning, a very sweet tradition. Banana splits sound yummy, too!

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