Week Eight: Dorm Decor

Living in a tiny apartment, you learn how to use the resources you have to decorate your space. As a visual person, I love for my surroundings to make me feel at home, peaceful, and comfortable. To decorate our small space, I used a few materials for lots of impact.

1. Small birdcages hanging from the ceiling (found in the $1 basket at Michael’s) feel whimsical and inspiring.
2. If you own collection of sorts, utilize it. I collect mugs and my roommates love them too, so all of our mugs sit on the windowsill waiting to be filled with coffee or tea.
3. Sometimes finding filling a large, white wall can seem daunting. I brought some decorative paper to Chicago, so I made a headboard of sorts above my bunk bed. Love.
4. Twinkle lights always make a room better. And, they work as great soft light for evenings.
5. Another use of a collection: jewelry. I hung mine from a piece of left over cardboard and thumb tacks. Simple, but functional reuse.

Any other decor solutions for small spaces or small budgets (or both)?


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