This Summer’s Backyard + view

Beyond blessed, friends.

A thousand miles between here and where I was two weeks ago, stressed, exhausted, doubtful.
There still thousands of miles to go before we get anywhere. I’m gathering the pieces as I go.

But at least I’ve caught my breath,
and at least there’s some paper on the canvas on my desk,
and at least lightning filled the sky today,
and at least the kitten’s eyes are huge and adorable,
and at least I can breathe,
and at least I can look towards You and say,

thank you.

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4 Responses to This Summer’s Backyard + view

  1. Joanna says:

    Girl… I miss you already, but I love you and know God is holding you in His arms, directing your every new and exciting step as you are in Colorado. Hope you’re having a blast. Can we talk soon, please? A lot has happened this week…
    – Joanna

  2. emilypaulson says:


  3. kylielove says:

    Joanna: Glad we got to chat. Missing you, dear.
    Em: Thinking of you often. It is incredible, and I don’t think the picture even does it justice. You’d love the mountains.
    Love you both. thank you for commenting :)

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