Oh––Hey there, blog.

Days since my last post: 27
Reasons for my lack of posting: 0
Things I could say, but will most likely get lost in the frolicking of summer: 375 (okay, maybe 18 or even 4)
Apologies I have for you: 0

You see, I’ve flown/drove/bicycled about 3289 miles in the last three weeks. Phew. I’m exhausted/excited just thinking about that. Except, miles bicycled probably equals less than 5 or even 1 of those, perhaps.
Colorado, California, Oregon, Washington, and back.

Friends, this has been a full, full summer.

And my camera is on the fritz (I dream about buying a Canon 60D or even XTi… sigh), so my photos have been a mismatch of camera phone quickies and point-and-shoot shots (which is, also, missing in the suitcases piled in my brother’s room). Are you getting the feeling that I’m a little all over the place yet? Because I am. All of my own cause, I know. But, are you beginning to see how blog posting is lacking? And yet, there are zero apologies in store here because this.is.just.how.summer.goes….. ya know?

I have nothing else to say in this let-you-know-I’m-alive-as-if-you-actually-care-that-I-haven’t-been-blogging post. There’s enough numbers in this post to make me stop reading, anyways. More to come friends; thanks for hanging in there ;)


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2 Responses to Oh––Hey there, blog.

  1. I think maybe I missed it cause it’s winter here… and it’s cold. So the lost in summer commotion isn’t a familiar feeling, I haven’t felt that one in a while. Love you

  2. kylielove says:

    Yeah, Southern Hemisphere is in a whole different season, eh? Snowy burrr summer for Em. Missing you friend. Thanks for the comment; I can always count on you for feedback :) LOVE you!

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