A whole different kind of life.

I’m in Chicago again, living a whole different kind of life. One full of reading and the dining hall, elevators and transit passes, marked by living with lovely women, a full dose of laughter and silliness, and ongoing conversations about the church, loving people, and studying God. Here’s a taste of life here, a description I shared with a friend about my previous day:

9am class, Intro to Disciplemaking.
Convocation chapel, full of Moody tradition, i.e. singing Great is Thy Faithfulness and other hymns, and Hogwarts-esque robes warn by our beloved professors. Awesome.
Class, Survey of the Old Testament.
Find out I don’t have the pre-req for a class so I decide to add a different class, Discipling and Mentoring Women, 10 minutes prior to its start, a class that may change my entire major.
Visit a dear friend, Jess, on her floor.
Barter at the book faire in the plaza, a mad scramble to find/sell texts for cheap. Not very successful.
More bartering.
Phone chat with Samantha while sitting on the roof (after which the attached photo was taken). Blessed.
Get to know new roommate, Moriah.
Organize syllabi…. err… syllabus’s? syllabi’s?
10pm Girls all Hall Meeting – basically like being at summer camp, a meeting to welcome all the girls, a loving fatherly talk from our Dean, and some silliness.
11pm surprise birthday party with candles, cake, and ice cream for a girl on the floor. Joy.

Life here, in some ways, is polar opposite to my summer or life in California. Instead of making plans with friends, I must make plans to be alone. Instead of studying literature, I’m studying how to study Scripture. When I take a step back, I can marvel at the utter uniqueness of this season, where my main responsibility is to be a student, a student who’s homework is to read an article about discipleship, who studies how to minister to women, who listens to some of the wisest professors, who studies alongside peers who’s futures will no doubt be a vibrant collection of stories of Kingdom redemption from all corners of the world, serving our mighty God in all sorts of creative ways.

Trying to soak it all in.


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One Response to A whole different kind of life.

  1. Noelle says:

    I miss you Kylie. <3

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