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Summer Favorites

Summer in Colorado is a wild thing. This morning I woke up sweating and by three o’ clock the skies darkened in preparation for a lightening storm that lasted all evening. I must say, I still find thunder and lightening … Continue reading

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Summer Style

I don’t know about where you are, but summer arrived in Colorado full force this week. It has me dreaming about lathering sunscreen poolside, drinking homemade lemonade, and yummy salad outdoor dinners. Summer makes me think of California, but these … Continue reading

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Big Big BIG News!

I have news, friends. With all this creative inspiration floating in the air lately (and free time), I’ve decided to move forward with my creative endeavors. I’ve opened an ETSY SHOP! YIPPEEEEE! I feel so giddy and like such … Continue reading

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A HeartFull DIY Project

Who doesn’t want hearts cascading from their ceiling? If you do, too, just cut out various sizes of hearts out of whatever paper you desire (I used an old book), arrange hearts as you desire, and then glue twine to the middle and hang from ceiling. So easy that you can spontaneously decide to do it one night when you should be asleep and finish within an hour or so.

I suppose now I’ve got my heart(s) on a string.

Kylie Continue reading

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Week 10

This is a little late, I know. I was in Colorado and now I’m in Chicago for another six weeks then back to California. Six. More. Weeks. That’s it! Nuts. There are only a few things I’d like to share … Continue reading

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Pinterest: Heard of it?

Have you heard of Pinterest? After a friend pleaded with me to join, I finally did. So far, I’m loving it! Bascially, Pinterest is an online visual pinboard where you can gather your favorite images for inspiration, putting them into … Continue reading

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Inspiration Thursday

It’s Thursday and maybe you’re in just-past-mid-week slump. My spring break is just a day away and I can almost smell the fresh Colorado air. For a study break, I’m enjoy these fresh, creative people and things. 1. Illustrator/Graphic Designer/Artist … Continue reading

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