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What I’ve Seen

Happy July, friends! I hope you all enjoyed the 4th of July. I went with the family here and another family up into the mountains. We drove on the highest paved road in the world––Mount Evans! It’s peaks reach past … Continue reading

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This Summer’s Backyard + view

Beyond blessed, friends. A thousand miles between here and where I was two weeks ago, stressed, exhausted, doubtful. There still thousands of miles to go before we get anywhere. I’m gathering the pieces as I go. But at least I’ve … Continue reading

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An Evening with Newlyweds

These are a few shots I took of my dearest newlywed friends, Matt and Samantha. Matt is an audio/visual technician and Samantha works for a world-class photographer, while doing her own photography and undergraduate studies online. I love them to pieces. I took these for a photo project, but didn’t end up using them in the final piece. Thanks for being my photo guinea pigs! (Shot with a Canon 40D, 50 mm 1.4 lens)


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film: baby baby

A few film shots I took in December of my new cousin, Alana. I’m not sure why the noise was so pixilized in the transfer to digital CD format, but so it goes. Isn’t she as cute as a button?

I haven’t done a weekly update in two weeks. Two weeks! I could give a few excuses as to why not (but who really cares anyways?), but sometimes you reach a point in which the feelings you uproot run so deep that words fall short and seem inadequate in describing exactly the feeling, like groping for the light switch in the dark night. For now, I’ll tell you that I’ve been throughly enjoying solitude, sitting on a lovely orange couch, and the three flowers sitting in our windowsill. And most of all I can do for now is sit. Sit in it. They say it’s one of the best things you can do for your writing is to sit in your thoughts and feelings and life until they permeate your being so the words flow out like air from your lungs. I’m there, or rather, here. Sitting in it. Until I can breathe it out in words that will make sense.

Breathing in grace,
Breathing out grace.

Thank you for reading.
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In Celebration Of JB!

Today is my dear friend Julie’s birthday. Throughout childhood we lived two streets apart from each other, but it wasn’t until sophomore year that we bonded over Pride and Prejudice and instantly our friendship blossomed. I consider her a ‘soul sister,’ not only because her sassyness earns the title but because though we are different, our hearts feel similar things. I love love love her.
In honor of you, Julie, I present the following.

That’s you.
Tahoe. Because you looooooove it.
And Harry Potter. Because we loooooooove it.
This  sorta-silly picture of us. Because I looooooooove it.

AND this one. Because you loooooooooove it.

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A HeartFull DIY Project

Who doesn’t want hearts cascading from their ceiling? If you do, too, just cut out various sizes of hearts out of whatever paper you desire (I used an old book), arrange hearts as you desire, and then glue twine to the middle and hang from ceiling. So easy that you can spontaneously decide to do it one night when you should be asleep and finish within an hour or so.

I suppose now I’ve got my heart(s) on a string.

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So… About Colorado

I decided to switch things up and shoot only in film while on Spring Break, which was joyous, BUT I couldn’t help myself to pull out my point and shoot when we went up into the mountains. Here’s a small taste of the Colorado mountains!

Jess and me, and the mountains.
Colorado State Park that I cannot remember the name of right now.
We snowshoed over this frozen lake!
This is what snowshoes look like.
Yes, that’s right friends. ELK. So nappy and scruffy. So majestic.

View from the house of the family I stayed with. Lovely.
Overall, I just can’t think of a better word to describe my time there than blessed.

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