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A Semester in Review

I spend a lot of time looking back. Sure, sometimes it’s┬ádistracting to look over your shoulder; sometimes doing so provides prolific insight and understanding, focus and purpose. I like to see lessons learned. Because I’m infinitely skilled at forgetting, I … Continue reading

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Week 12

Spring is coming. It’s nearly here. We had an unusual warm spell last week, but ironically I’m now fighting a cold (but, I think I’m winning). Bear with me, I’m keeping this short and oh-so-sweet. (Posts coming soon: a fun … Continue reading

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Week 11

Here… but soon there.
Not quite there… but still here.

This is an awkward spot, you see.
When I came back from spring break, something shifted.
My roommate wrote above the sink: “Welcome back to your home away from home.”
I smiled, deeply appreciating her and her warm welcome. But, something shifted.
For others, they spent their spring break at home and came back to school – their home away from home.
For me, I went on a sort of blessed vacation and came back to the place I now call my home.
Neither perspective is right, or better.
I just realize that, in a sense, I’m all in.
All in.
In a risky, move-a-thousand-miles-away-don’t-see-anything/anyone-familiar-for-months, kind of way.
My room is my room and, while I’m here, Moody is home.
And that is a good, good thing.
But in five weeks my world moves all over again… again.

Here… but soon there.
Not quite there… but still here.

This is an awkward spot, you see.
But I wouldn’t choose to be anywhere else.
For now.

Week 11.


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Week 10

This is a little late, I know. I was in Colorado and now I’m in Chicago for another six weeks then back to California. Six. More. Weeks. That’s it! Nuts. There are only a few things I’d like to share … Continue reading

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Week 9: Numbers

23 pages of papers written, edited, turned in 1,003 miles traveled from Chicago to Longmont, Colorado 8 books checked out from the Longmont Library 2 loaves of homemade sourdough bread (and counting), a jar of homemade honey a 2 year … Continue reading

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Week Eight: Dorm Decor

Living in a tiny apartment, you learn how to use the resources you have to decorate your space. As a visual person, I love for my surroundings to make me feel at home, peaceful, and comfortable. To decorate our small space, I used a few materials for lots of impact.

1. Small birdcages hanging from the ceiling (found in the $1 basket at Michael’s) feel whimsical and inspiring.
2. If you own collection of sorts, utilize it. I collect mugs and my roommates love them too, so all of our mugs sit on the windowsill waiting to be filled with coffee or tea.
3. Sometimes finding filling a large, white wall can seem daunting. I brought some decorative paper to Chicago, so I made a headboard of sorts above my bunk bed. Love.
4. Twinkle lights always make a room better. And, they work as great soft light for evenings.
5. Another use of a collection: jewelry. I hung mine from a piece of left over cardboard and thumb tacks. Simple, but functional reuse.

Any other decor solutions for small spaces or small budgets (or both)?

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Week Seven

Hundreds of people ‘frozen’ in place at an internet organized Flash mob. I like the couple near the front.

One of the multiple groups walking through the city. This group carried yellow balloons.

I’ve got papers to write and things to do, so I’m keeping this to short phrases… the memorable moments of the week include:

A Freeze-out Flash Mob
An ‘Amazing Race’ inspired game night, with crazy food challenges for our brother floor
Temperatures in the upper 30s
Running through snowy city streets (politically charged streets – lots of walks and protests)
A disheartening shooting
An unexpected blessing – getting to go to Colorado for spring break (two weeks!)!

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